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Quality Assurance

Quality is always our number one priority. For each project, the process starts with the initial translation performed by one of our lead translators. We then will assign a highly qualified editor who is best suited for the subject material even if that material is of a highly technical nature. The Editor reviews the translation and recommends potential revisions. The translator reviews these revisions in collaboration with the editor to produce the best and final translation. By having the project managed in this manner by qualified Vietnamese linguistic authorities, we are assured a highest quality final translation.

Proofreading / Editing Service

Our Proofreading / Editing Service can be added to our Translation Service for a modest charge to give you the convenience of obtaining both of these services from a single source. Please note that this service is only offered in conjunction with our translation service, as we do not perform Proofreading or Editing on work that had been translated by others.



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